United For A Fair Economy - ACTION ALERT
Take Action to Defeat Question 1!

What: See the Tool Kit from The Coalition for Our Communities
& Vote NO on November 4th.

Dear Friends of United for a Fair Economy,

Right here in Massachusetts, we are facing the most extreme anti-tax proposal in the entire country: a ballot initiative to eliminate the state’s income tax – Question 1.

This reckless proposal would slash the state’s budget by 40% (over $12 billion), causing spending cuts of over 70% in almost all state programs! Every community would suffer sweeping education cuts, steep reductions in fire and police personnel and further deterioration of roads and bridges. Click here to see how Question 1 would impact your town.

Question 1 would also increase economic inequality by making our state’s tax system more regressive. The wealthiest 14% in Massachusetts would receive 63% of the tax reduction.

We ask you to actively work to defeat Question 1 – six years ago, the same initiative almost passed, receiving 45% of the vote.

There are many ways you can help!

  • Please distribute this email widely to friends, family and people you know and make sure they vote on Nov. 4
    • Reminder: Oct. 15 is the last day to register to vote.
  • Click here to find a variety of volunteer opportunities and a comprehensive tool kit to help you educate, organize and mobilize your community.
  • Bring undecided friends and family to UFE’s workshop, “The Massachusetts Budget Crisis: Who Hurts? Who Pays?” on October 22, 5:30pm-7:30pm at UFE, 29 Winter St., 2nd floor, downtown Boston. (Separate email invitation to follow.)
  • Download and discuss with family and friends UFE’s workshop, “The Massachusetts Budget Crisis: Who Hurts? Who Pays?”.
For more information about Question 1, please see: Thank you for taking action for economic justice.


Karen Kraut
Coordinator, Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative
United for a Fair Economy
Our postal address is
29 Winter Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108